Optimize Energy Efficiency - Descaling Cooling Towers Heat Transfer Media

We offer expert services in descaling the cooling tower fills to remove scale build-up, helping eliminate hiding places for legionella, other bacteria, mold, and mildew. We provide a complete all-in-one solution for cleaning lime scale on fills, clearing the debris from your cooling tower basin & internals, and the maintenance services for all types of mechanical components. You will have both the benefits of fills free of scales to keep up with the design heat transfer efficiency and promotes the air quality free of legionella at the human-occupied buildings and for pedestrians in the community

Thermographic Inspections for Buildings & Homes

A thermographic inspection is an Energy audit tool to detect thermal defects and air leakage in building envelopes. Infrared scanning allows energy assessors to check the effectiveness of insulation in a building’s construction. The resulting thermograms help assessors determine whether a building needs insulation and where in the building it should go.

Inspection and Maintenance

Our experts carefully inspect all details and create documentation including critical evaluations and clear recommendations. Maintenance also involves activities such as changing oil, lubricating, cleaning, checking tightening torques, field balancing, and safety inspections, and all steps are documented. We also offer flat rate inspection and maintenance agreements.

Superhydrophobic and Oleophobic surface coating

Ultra-Ever Dry™ Surface Protection is a two-part, air dry coating that is easily applied by spraying. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The system offers superhydrophobic and oleophobic performance and has been shown to maintain a high level of performance under a variety of conditions and for extended time. The system is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is useful for non-wetting, anti-icing, self-cleaning, anti-bacteria and corrosion protection purposes.

Cooling tower refurbishment and thermal upgrade

New technologies can optimize the performance and cost of reconstructions. In many cases they can even help save additional costs when the cooling tower to be reconstructed also needs repair. These are excellent reasons to let us show you how our custom-engineered solutions can effectively increase the thermal performance, reduce fouling, simplify maintenance and minimise the drift rate of your cooling tower.

Humidity control system

Regulation of the degree of saturation or quantity of water vapor in a mixture of air and water vapor.

Refrigerant leak detection system

In case of leakage, the controller unit will shut down the power supply of the cooling installation.

Outdoor cooling system

Outdoor cooling systems have the ability to cool the temperature in your surrounding area by up to thirty degrees.

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