Coolers, Adiabatic Condensers

The PAD and PAD-V series are proposed where the focus is particularly on water consumption (and the risks associated with its management) and energy. The optimal solution to increase the efficiency of air systems.


Adiabatic cooling is based on the sensitive exchange between the fluid flowing inside finned coils and the air that laps the surface. In the hottest period, the air is
humidified before hitting the battery, thus lowering the temperature and increasing efficiency.
PAD is recommended in medium-large industrial plants; PAD-V, with a compact design, in medium-small industrial plants and especially in HVAC.
– Fully pre-assembled models equipped with electrical panel (PLC that allows continuous optimization).
– Humidifier pack with high water holding capacity in flocked PVC (very short wetting cycles).
– Adiabatic circuit, protected inside, designed to recover water without requiring treatment.
– Single finned coil in copper and aluminum (PAD series), double V coils (PAD-V series).
– Directly coupled axial fan motor systems (PAD series), EC fans for low power consumption and noise (PAD-V series).
– Supporting structure in hot-dip galvanized steel after processing and fiberglass paneling (PAD series), support carpentry in press-folded galvanized sheet metal
and subsequently protected with an epoxy painting cycle (PAD-V series).
– Each machine can be equipped with accesses for inspections and maintenance to the internal parts.
– Capacity from 75 to 1,100 kW