The Chillgard 5000 provides continuous monitoring of refrigerant gas levels for up to 16 points in non-hazardous areas. With the ability to read down to 1 ppm, the device provides a response to a refrigerant leak, supporting the safety of personnel and the environment, and equipment efficiency. The device uses patented Photoacoustic Infrared technology to allow the accurate measurement of refrigerant gases with minimum interference from other vapors. The device monitors refrigerant gases up to 1000 ppm with an ability to maintain a gas list through an internal refrigerant library.

The device offers three levels of alarm—caution, warning, and alarm—that are all configurable through the intuitive 7” color touchscreen display. The display provides real-time dashboard view and easy access to settings, event log, diagnostics, and calibration modes. Fault and service notifications provide alerts when servicing is necessary. Audible and visual indications such as horns and strobes (if connected to the device) provide alerts about refrigerant leaks.

Digital communications can be transmitted using the Modbus remote terminal unit (RTU) or BACnet™ master/slave token passing (MS/TP) protocol. Analog communications can be transmitted using a 4–20 mA or 0–10 Vdc current loop.